The Witch Chromosomes First Album Combining magic, activism, sound, and craft.

Abomination Industries will weave together the tapestry of experiences they have shared, and work to illuminate the personal gnosis they have received. Their Goddess has work for them, and she smiles sweetly as she sits atop the beast that she controls.


We are two witchpunk girls from Olympia, Washington. We make good music. We practice magic. We write zines. We make 3d printed stuff. Great for you if you’re into that sort of thing. Ave Babalon! 🌹🔥🌹

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  • June 1st 2016 - June 8th 2016

    Industrial Revelation info site up, and mostly running with about %50 original graphics


Please feel free to contact if you have special queries. We are available for proms, and funerals.